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Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Fee

Q1. How much do I need to pay for shipping?

Shipping fee is charged based on type of delivery service you have chosen. Please refer to the table below for our delivery options and service fee.

Local Express Delivery


Local Standard Delivery


Local Standard Delivery - For limited remote area

HK$35 + HK$60 - $150 surcharge

Q2A. Is my shipping fee charged on per item or per order?

Your shipping fee is charged on per shipment basis. The number of shipments in an order is determined by the number of source warehouse(s) the items are shipped from, i.e if 3 items purchased in 1 order are shipped from 2 source warehouses, then there are 2 shipments in your order. If you choose local standard delivery for these 2 shipments, your shipping fee would be HK$70.

Q2B. But what if I buy 5 items in an order? Will I be charged 5 shipping fees? How do I know how many shipments to expect?

When you are at the checkout page of your order, depending on the number of source warehouses for the items, you will be notified the number of shipments to be expected before you confirm the placement of your order.

Q3. How can I enjoy free shipping?

If your spending is HK$900* or above per order, you will be entitled to free local standard delivery. Spending here refers to the total billed amount for a single purchase excluding coupon and shipping fee.

*For a limited time, free shipping is offer to customer with spending HK$400 or above per order.

Delivery Services

Q4. When can I expect to receive my shipments?

If order is placed on Monday - Saturday (except public holidays) before 3 p.m.:

Local Express Delivery

Deliver as fast as 4 hours on the same business day

Local Standard Delivery

Deliver within 1 to 2 business days

Local Standard Delivery - For limited remote area

Deliver within 2 to 5 business days

If order is placed on Monday - Saturday after 3 p.m., Sunday or public holidays:

Your order will be processed on the next business day, delivery arrangement will remain the same as above.

Q5. What is your delivery operating time? Do you deliver at night?

We perform deliveries from Monday to Saturday (9am – 11pm), except Sunday and public holidays.

Q6A. What is your delivery area coverage? I live on Lamma Island.

At this stage, we deliver to most of Hong Kong urban areas but do not deliver to some remote areas including Lamma Island. Please refer to the table Q6C for areas that we do not provide delivery service.

Q6B. Will I be able to enjoy Local Express Delivery service no matter where I live? I live in Discovery Bay.

If your chosen delivery address is Discovery Bay, your shipment will be delivered by local standard delivery only. Please refer to the table Q6C below for areas that we do not provide local express delivery.

Q6C. Is there any additional delivery surcharge as I live in Tung Chung?

Yes. Please refer to the following table below for our Local Remote Area Coverage surcharge. Shipments to these areas may require an additional 1-3 business day(s).

Remote Area Delivery Arrangement

No Delivery

Lo Wu, Lok Ma Chau restricted area, Mai Po, Man Kam To, Tak Ku Ling, Grass Island, Mui Wo, Po Toi Island, Tai O, Tung Lung Island, Tung Ping Chau, Ping Chau, Lamma Island, Cheung Chau and PO box

No Express Delivery

(Only Local Standard Delivery available)

Deliver within 1 - 2 business day(s):

Lok Ma Chau, The Peak, Shek O, Stanley, Deep Water Bay, Repulse Bay, Clear Water Bay, Tai Tam, Pok Fu Lam, Sham Tseng, Lung Kwu Tan, Tai Lam, So Kwun Wat, Siu Lam, Lau Fau Shan, Lam Tsuen, San Tin, Kam Tin, Pat Heung, Hung Shui Kiu, Kwu Tung, Pat Sin Leng, Ping Che, Plover Cove, Ma Liu Shui, Kau To Shan, Tam Mei Yuen Long, Ting Kok

Deliver within 2 - 5 business days/ HK$60 surcharge per shipment

Chek Lap Kok Airport, Tung Chung

Deliver within 2 - 5 business days/ HK$150 surcharge per shipment

Sha Tau Kok, Sunny Bay, Disneyland, Ma Wan, Discovery Bay

Q7. Are there any requirements if I want to choose local express delivery service?
  1. You can check what product(s) is/are eligible for local express delivery service by checking out our "4-HOUR DELIVERY" section on the HABBITZZ’ homepage.
  2. The delivery address should fall within the local express delivery coverage. If it is outside the coverage area, it will be delivered as Local Standard Delivery.

Q8. What happens if I am not at home to receive my shipment? Will you redeliver and when?

Our delivery services offer up to 2 delivery attempts. If you are not available to receive the shipment, it would be considered as if the delivery attempt was executed (failed 1st delivery attempt). Courier will call you to rearrange another time for 2nd delivery attempt.

If we cannot deliver the parcel in two attempts nor contact you within 4 working days, we will arrange redelivery and reserve the right by requesting you to pay additional fee. However, if we cannot deliver the parcel to you after the specified time frame (being 30 days after the date of purchase unless otherwise specified), we shall have the sole discretion to dispose of the shipment without any liability and you will not be entitled to any refund or set off from us for any price paid.

Q9. I am travelling abroad but my sister is at home. Can she accept the shipment on my behalf?

We will arrange delivery to the address specified by you and the person who receives the shipment at the address specified by you will need to sign a confirmation of receipt of the shipment upon delivery as evidence of delivery. Delivery of the shipment to the address specified by you (whether the person who receives the shipment will be you or your sister) shall be deemed due and proper delivery to you. Please note that for delivery of shipment containing alcoholic beverages, the person receiving the shipment must be at least 18 years old. We reserve the right to ask him/her to sign a declaration or show a proof of age.

Q10. What happens to my shipment when Typhoon Signal 8 is hoisted?

Our delivery service will be suspended when Typhoon Signal No.8 or higher/ Black Rainstorm Signal is hoisted or other weather condition whereby delivery is considered unsafe. We will resume delivery service within 2 hours after cancellation/ lowering of the signal. Under these circumstances, shipments may be delayed, but we will resume normal operations as soon as possible.

If Typhoon Signal No.8 or higher/ Black Rainstorm Signal remain effective at 6 p.m., delivery service will resume on the next business day.

Q11. Can I arrange delivery to 2 different addresses for items purchased in 1 order? e.g Quarry Bay for one item and Shatin for another item in the same order?

Currently we do not support multiple delivery addresses. Please purchase the items in separate orders if you would like them to be delivered to separate addresses.

Q12. How can I change the delivery information for my existing order?

You could contact HABBITZZ customer service to update your delivery information via live chat on HABBITZZ app, email: cs@habbitzz.com or phone: +852 2888 1800.

Last Updated: 16/1/2019