HABBITZZ Return Policy

Q1. What are HABBITZZ’s return policies?

HABBITZZ offers two types of returns for replacement/refund, namely Type 1 - “Guarantee Return” or Type 2 - “7-day Return”. The applicable type of return for each product will be shown in the form of a badge on each product’s description page.

  Type 1
Guarantee Return
Type 2
7-day Return
Do I need to make my return request within a certain period? Yes, within 7 calendar days upon receipt of shipment by you. Yes, within 7 calendar days upon receipt of shipment by you.
Will HABBITZZ ask me for the reasons for return? Yes, the following valid reasons are needed:
(a) purchased product is damaged/defective; or
(b) not the product you ordered.
Yes, but HABBITZZ will accept your change of mind as a valid reason.
Will I need to show any supporting documents to HABBITZZ? Photo of the purchased product may be required. Photo of the purchased product may be required.
How will any refund be given to me? By original payment method By original payment method
May I request for a replacement? *Note 1 Yes No
If I have returned the purchased product once for a replacement, may I return the same product again for a refund? No, each product may only be returned once. No, each product may only be returned once.
The product I have purchased is defective after I have opened the packaging of the purchased product, but I have not used the product. May I return the product? Provided that the products have not been used or damaged, the products may be returned. N/A
Are there any other requirements (such as tags, packaging, etc.)? Yes, please refer to Q2, 3 and 4 of this FAQs. Yes, please refer to Questions 2, 3 and 4 of this FAQs.

*Note 1: Replacement means the same product with the same specifications (such as same size, same model, same colour, etc).

Q2. Can I return the purchased product if the tags and labels are not attached? Any other requirements?

HABBITZZ’ return policies (both Type 1 - "Guarantee Return" and Type 2 - "7-day Return") will be subject to the following further requirements as shown in the table below. Please refer to the following table and check whether your product is returnable or not before requesting for the return.

For Type 1 – Guarantee Return (“✓”is Required and “x” is Not Required):

Reasons for Return  Your Return Must Be:  
Tags and labels must be attached Product packaging is unopened and in sealed condition Free gifts and accessories must also be returned
Damaged x
Manufacturing defect x
Not the product you ordered x
Missing Item N/A N/A N/A

For Type 2 – 7-day Return (“✓”is Required and “x” is Not Required):

Reasons for Return  Your Return Must Be:  
Tags and labels must be attached Product packaging is unopened and in sealed condition Free gifts and accessories must also be returned
Change of Mind

Q3. Can all items be returned if I change my mind after making a purchase?

No. The following items cannot be returned simply because of a change of mind:

  1. If the product is not in the original and resalable condition or product packaging is opened;
  2. All of the following products due to hygiene and food safety issues:
    • All grocery products
    • Underwear, intimate wear and Sports socks
    • All consumables (such as perfume, body lotion, hand soap)
  3. Any goods and services that are offered for free;
  4. All promotional and discounted products;
  5. All products that do not display the badge of "7-day Return” on the product's description page.

Q4. How do I know the product I purchased accept "7-day Return" and/or "Guarantee Return"?

Please check if "7-day Return" and/or "Guarantee Return" badge is displayed on the product's description page. Products without the badge(s) means no returns accepted.

Q5. What is the return policy for bundled items?

If you purchase a product in a bundle/as a whole, you must return the entire bundle as a whole for any replacement/refund.

Q6. Does HABBITZZ offer replacements for valid returned items?

Yes. If HABBITZZ accepts your return request for a replacement, such replacement request shall also be subject to stock availability. If the replacement cannot be made, our customer service representative will contact you and arrange refund for you.

Q7. May I return the products I have purchased for repair?

HABBITZZ will not provide any repair services. Suppliers of the products may or may not provide warranty or repair services for their relevant products. Please refer to the “Product Description” page to see if any warranty and/or repair services may be available and contact the relevant supplier for details.

Steps to Return

Q8. How do I return my products?

Just follow these six easy steps:

  1. Check if my return is considered a valid return according to HABBITZZ’s Return Policy;
  2. You may either:
    • Fill in the Online Return Form which can be found by selecting the order in “My order” page and then click “Return” button and submit the completed form online. A “Return ID” will be given to you once you submit the form online; or
    • Contact our Customer Service through our “Contact Us” Page. Our customer service representatives will give you a “Return ID”;
  3. Upon receipt of your return request, our customer service representatives will get back to you and arrange with you to have the product returned to us either by our collection service or by you dropping the product off at any of the S.F. Stores.
  4. Fill in the “Return ID” in the “Return ID” column of the Return Note, which should have been provided to you in the same parcel with the product. Please then insert the Return Note in the parcel to be returned to HABBITZZ;
  5. Pack the return product(s) securely to avoid damage during transportation.
  6. Depending on your choice, your parcel will either be picked up by our courier or be returned to us via the S.F. Stores

Q9. What options may I choose when returning my parcel?

Option 1: Pick up by our courier service

If you would like your parcel to be collected by HABBITZZ, please make an appointment with our customer service respresentatives when they call you upon receiving your return request and our courier will come to pick up the parcel from you.

Option 2: Drop off your parcel at S.F. Store

If you would like to drop off your parcel for HABBITZZ at any S.F. Storein Hong Kong, please let our custoemr service respresentatives know when they call you upon receiving your return request. Please drop off the parcel within 7 working days after our custoemr service respresentatives confirm the details with you.
You may visit S.F. website http://www.sf-express.com/hk/en/other_services/sf_station/sf_station_network/ for details of S.F. store across Hong Kong.

Q10. Will I need to pay for the shipping cost for the return of products to HABBITZZ?

If HABBITZZ accepts your return request, HABBITZZ will arrange for either the collection of the products from you or you may drop the products off at any S.F. Stores without any charge to you. However, HABBITZZ reserves the right to charge you for a HK$100 administrative fee if any return request is found to be malicious.

Q11. When I make my return request, do I need to select return for replacement or refund?

Yes, please indicate your preference on the Returns Form.

Q12. If HABBITZZ accepts my refund request for the products, will the delivery fee for the products be refunded to me also?

Yes. The relevant delivery fee for the returned product will be refunded if your return for refund request is accepted by HABBITZZ, provided that the returned product is the only item in that shipment of your order. If there are more than one item in a shipment, delivery fee for that shipment will not be refunded even though we have accepted your refund request for one of the items in that shipment.

Timeline for Refund/Replacement

Q13. After I submit my return request, when will HABBITZZ contact me?

Our Customer Service representative will contact you within 1-2 day(s).

Q14. If any quality evaluation process needs to be performed by HABBITZZ, how long will it be?

The quality evaluation process may take approximately 2 to 3 working days after the product reaches our warehouse.

Q15. When will I receive any replacement?

Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to process your return request for replacement after we collect the returned product from you. If you would like to receive your product faster, after making your return request with us but before we collect the returned product from you, you may want to consider placing a new order for your product.

Q16. When will I receive any refund?

If your refund request is approved by HABBITZZ after completing our quality evaluation, you may expect a refund to your credit card in 5-15 working days. The actual date of when the refund will be credited to your account will vary subject to the business processing cycle of the relevant bank.

Last Updated: 14/8/2018